Burritobox is the Future, and the Future is Now

Originally Featured on LA Weekly →
Potato, Egg and Cheese from the Burritobox
Photo by Farley Elliott

If you’ll pardon the foul language for just a moment, there’s something important that needs to be said:

We f*cking did it.

Guys, WE DID IT. After years of monkeying around in space, sending James Cameron to the depths of the ocean to find his old goatee, we humans finally pulled back, took a good hard look in the refrigerator, and realized what was missing. We needed a gas station convenience box that prepares, heats and serves burritos, with optional sides, in under three minutes. And now it’s here.

Farley Elliott is a food and travel writer living in Los Angeles. He is the Senior Editor at Eater LA, and has bylines everywhere from LA Weekly to Los Angeles Magazine to Thrillist to Tasting Table. He’s also the author of Los Angeles Street Food, a guidebook to LA’s amazing street food culture. Oh, and he’s that guy from that Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos video.