Eric Greenspan Returns with Fine Dining, Grilled Cheese + A Latin Fusion Food Truck

Originally Featured on LA Weekly →

Do you, as many of us do, mark the passage of time by restaurants that have opened and closed throughout Los Angeles? If so, you may have been flipping through your calendar, trying to figure out when in hell Eric Greenspan’s grilled cheese storefront is going to settle in for business. And now, with The Foundry on Melrose undergoing a months-long revamp, you may have begun wondering about Greenspan himself. Where is the man, so loud and confident on your television and with his cooking, hiding out? These days, Eric Greenspan is a man of many questions.

As Greenspan will be the first to tell you, he also has all the answers. From a corner booth at the chef’s other L.A. restaurant, The Roof on Wilshire, he opened up about the past few months, his future expansion — and a very personal reason for slowing down and doing things right.

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