Golden Road’s Better Weather IPA is a Great Summer Beer — In Winter

Golden Road's Better Weather IPA
Photo by Farley Elliott

Continuing their recent tradition of limited edition Custom IPAs, Golden Road Brewing in Atwater Village recently unveiled their 16 ounce pint cans of Better Weather IPA. The playful name, stamped on the photo-quality cans with an image of an inviting, shimmering pool, says it all. This is a town that thrives on better weather than most of the rest of America, so it’s time we started drinking like it.

It’s easy, this time of year, to look east for bottles and cans of winter warmers, strong stouts and beers stuffed with cherries, coffee and more. But out here on the West Coast, where IPAs have long been king and the daytime temps rarely dip below 65, there’s a different attitude towards season brewing.

With that in mind, owners Tony Yanow and Meg Gill, along with brewmaster Jesse Houck, decided to put together a limited run of Better Weather IPA, with the strength of all those other winter styles (the cans clock in at 9.4%) but the sharp, citrus-y aromas of the hoppy pale ales that California drinkers have come to rely on.

The beer is brewed with a mix of Cascade, Simcoe and Amarillo hops, among others, with just enough 2-Row, Golden Promise and Premium English malts to smooth out the flavor on your tongue. At 92 IBUs, Better Weather also won’t burn out your taste buds right away, but will definitely make you perk up as you sit poolside over the Thanksgiving holiday. And that’s what Golden Road Brewing’s Better Weather IPA is all about — making you sit up and take notice, before mellowing back out as you enjoy the endless summers of Southern California. Just make sure you don’t wait to experience Better Weather yourself: there’s a limited run of only 1500 cases.

Golden Road Brewing: 5410 W. San Fernando Rd., Atwater Village;

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