Pipe Dream Brewery

As one of three great up-and-coming breweries in Los Angeles profiled recently on Serious Eats, the Pipe Dream team of Brian Holter and Kingsley Toby certainly know how to make beer. The duo have been homebrewing for years, churning out award winners and local favorites on a regular basis. And by local, that means Toby’s garage in Culver City.

To be fair, the Pipe Dream (home)brewhouse is hardly makeshift, with a fully realized brewing operation that mimics large commercial breweries, a walk in cold storage area and a few casks for aging their own concoctions.

On a recent weekend, Toby and Holter let me poke around, sample their fantastic Green Dragon IPA and get a peek inside the Pipe Dream garage.

To find out more about Pipe Dream Brewery, head over to their website or follow them on twitter @PipeDreamBrew.

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