Plan Check Fairfax Opens for Business Tomorrow

Jidori Fried Chicken at Plan Check
Photo by Farley Elliott

Forget lengthy soft-opens or under-the-radar early service: Plan Check, that bastion of meat and smoke that currently exists only on Sawtelle, is open for some full-on business at their new Fairfax location, beginning tomorrow.

The restaurant, helmed by chef Ernesto Uchimura, is already a much-lauded destination for eaters hungry for buttermilk Jidori fried chicken, deeply satisfying burgers and playful takes on new American classics. At the new location in the once-cursed former Vodvil space on Fairfax, just north of Beverly, Uchimura and co-owner Terry Heller will be sticking to that same plan… mostly. There’s the Plan Check Burger, laced with strips of semi-dehydrated “ketchup leather” that have become a hallmark of the restaurant, and that smoky Jidori chicken, offered straight up as an entrée or tucked into a perfectly buttered bun for hand-held snacking.

Cascading Hophead Cocktail at Plan Check Fairfax
Other items are new to the Fairfax location, like the Salmon Pastrami, a thick, brackish piece of fish that’s crusted over with peppercorns, topped with a crisped slice of everything bagel and given a hefty squeeze of inky cream cheese for a Fairfax 2.0 version of bagels & lox. And if that weren’t enough, bar master Matt Biancaniello will be working the drink program, helming the bar most nights for the first couple of months. Expect savory drinks like the Breeders Cup, which over clocks some Tito’s Vodka with applewood smoked salt and beet horseradish. Happy hours will see a return to classics, like a $5 Old Fashioned and a sh*tload of craft-brewed canned beer.

The neighborhood will also have another late night contender beyond Canter’s, thanks to Plan Check’s extended weekend hours. While George Abou-Daoud’s growing restaurant empire now includes a second Twins Sliders space that also burns the midnight oil nearby, it’s not hard to imagine locals sticking with Plan Check for their 1 a.m. drink and meal needs.

Plan Check Doughnuts
Next up for Heller and Uchimura is their forthcoming third location on Wilshire, just east of the 110. Tucked into a new mixed-use building at 1111 Wilshire, Plan Check’s Downtown location will hew pretty close to the original, with a few tricks tacked on to the menu as well. For now, centralized eaters can rejoice at Plan Check’s imminent Fairfax arrival, safe in the knowledge that *shudder* they never have to brave that 405-adjacent traffic again, just to get some ketchup leather and a fried chicken sandwich.

Plan Check Fairfax: 351 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles;

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