Jalama Beach

Weekend Trip: Camping in the Sand at Jalama Beach

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If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in camping along California’s Central Coast, you’ve probably heard the rumors about Jalama Beach. The different gossipy variations tend to focus on one or more of the following: it’s a beach camping oasis, it’s the one of the last approachable strips of isolated beachfront in the region, it’s so packed with summertime campers that you can’t even scrounge up a site, it is seriously windy along the shore, and their camp store serves up one of the tastiest hamburgers you’ll find. And each one is absolutely true. Jalama Beach (that’s with a soft J, to be pronounced like an H) is all of those things, but it’s also so much greater than those limitations. More than anything, Jalama Beach is a fantastic weekend trip.

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